2013 Festival Trailer Competition!

Posted on Apr 25, 2013

Vermont Int'l Film FestivalOpen to all Vermont residents and students. Have your trailer shown before festival films!

The Vermont International Film Festival invites film/videomakers to enter a competition for making the 2013 VTIFF festival trailer. The competition is open to all Vermont residents and to students attending any Vermont college, university or high school.

Festival trailers are shown before each film screening and their purpose is to celebrate the festival, allow the audience to ease into their seats, provide brief information and to thank our sponsors.

The Competition

A special TRAILER COMMITTEE appointed by VTIFF will view and choose the winners. The number of winners will not be limited in advance – all selected trailers will be shown in rotation during the 10 days of the festival. The committee’s decision will be final.

Winners will receive a Pass to the festival, good for all films, events, and parties as well as name promotion online.

Audience Award for Favorite Trailer

VTIFF will launch an AUdience Award (via forms to be filled in after screenings) and will announce the WINNER on Closing Night. A link to the winning trailer will be put on VTIFF’s website.

CONTENT SPECS for the VTIFF trailer

We welcome creativity and imagination. The piece should be fun and innovative, and incorporate an element of surprise – either narrative or visual. It can be live action or animation or both. The trailer welcomes the audience to the festival, provides a few bits of info and thanks sponsors. We will provide the festival logo, sponsor logos, and essential text. The rest is up to you.

Check out some other festival trailers →

SPECS for VTIFF trailer

Length: 40-60 seconds

What we are looking for:

  • Preference will be given to content that successfully invokes VTIFF’s mission – to present independent films of excellence from VT and around the world. To be a meaningful cultural presence in our community.
  • Incorporate our logo creatively
  • Incorporate the spirit of this text: Vermont International Film Festival 2013 brings you a selection of the best films from around the globe: narrative, documentary, shorts, animation. We welcome a creative way of putting this information across.
  • Incorporate Warnings to switch off cell phones
  • Incorporate Thank You’s to our sponsors:
    • One or more collaged images incorporating logos of major sponsors
    • Another to thank all contributors, including our audience (logos and specific wording will be provided by VTIFF.)

VTIFF will provide applicants with the number of names/logos to be included, but not the actual names, as these will not be known until a later date. The first proposal can be mocked up with fictional sponsors. Assume at least 20 sponsors.

We will be looking to get a sense of your creativity and ability to get across a message in a way that will not pall after a couple of viewings, as some of the same people show up for different films.

All sound tracks/music should be either created by the applicant, or with permission of the copyright holder. VTIFF will not pay for copyrighted music.


June 15

Storyboard to be submitted. Storyboard needs to include main designs place on a timeline to indicate pacing, as well as a rough idea for a sound track. Logo and sponsors’ names can be mocked up at this point before the actual names are confirmed.

VTIFF’s Trailer Committee will select a shortlist from the Storyboards submitted and notify the shortlisted by June 30.

July 31

First Rough Cut of the trailers to be submitted. The Committee will make comments on these if any changes are thought necessary and announce the winners who will be invited to produce the Festival trailers.

September 10

VTIFF will supply the final names and logos.

October 5

Completed trailers delivered as high res digital files.

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