2017 Festival Guests

Filmmakers and panelists attending in person or participating in Q&As remotely

Philip Baruth
Leahy Walton film

Joseph Culp
Welcome to the Men’s Group

Alan Dater, Lisa Merton, Chris Hardy
Burned: Are Trees the New Coal?

Deb Ellis
Doris Eddy

Jon Erickson & Jacob Smith
Waking the Sleeping Giant

Alex Escaja
Looking Back at Me

Madeleine Gavin
City of Joy

Arnie and Maggie Gundersen, David Goodman
Power Struggle

Jack Kane
The Crest

Al Larson & John Rasmussen
Party Words

Robbie Leppzer
Power Struggle

James Duff Lyall
Whose Streets?

Jonathan Olshefski

Jeff Malmberg & Chris Shellen

Jeremy Lee MacKenzie
Hidden Blueprints

Madsen Minax
Kairos Dirt and the Errant Vacuum

Signe Taylor
It’s Criminal

Dorothy Tod
Leahy Walton film

Steve Woloshen
Animation workshop