SpreadWildfire – Volunteering Opportunities

Posted on Aug 13, 2017

We have some exciting news to share. We’re one of the 20 organizations that has signed up to the new statewide volunteer site created by ArtsRiot​. If you’ve volunteered for VTIFF in the past, or are thinking of doing so (we’re always on the look out for more), we urge you to sign up – this will be your own way of tracking any volunteering you do and VTIFF will be using this site for its needs.

Wildfire is designed to be the easiest way to find volunteer opportunities, get rewards from local businesses, and track your volunteer activity. When you sign up, you will have a profile page displaying your volunteer activity, be able to win rewards, and be able to sign up seamlessly for volunteer opportunities. On Wildfire, one hour of volunteering is worth 100 points- and you can gain bonus points. You can use your points to directly claim any available reward.

For the month of August, Wildfire is openly enrolling volunteers. By the end of August, open enrollment will end and Wildfire will be invite only. You are receiving this special open enrollment invite because you are a valuable supporter of VTIFF. This original group of volunteers will form the bedrock for an amazing network spreading greater community action. Thank you for your work!

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