August 2013 – February 2014

Zergut + VCAM short + The Goonies at Bike-in @ Arts Riot
Aug 25 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Zergut + VCAM short + The Goonies at Bike-in @ Arts Riot | Burlington | Vermont | United States

Director: Natasha Subramaniam and Alisa Lapidus |
USA | 2011 | Animation |
Narrative | 5’45″ minutes

VTIFF presents an award-winning animation film at each screening

Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase 1 @ Film House
Oct 11 @ 2:30 pm

Director: Rob Barracano & Champlain Filmmaking Students Documentary
Run Time: 60 minutes
Sponsor: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and the Vermont Arts Council
FREE SCREENING Screening free, recommended donation of $5+.
World Premiere.
Followed by panel discussion at 3:45
What is the worst thing that happens when coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender or queer? The answers, and much more are revealed in this touching and inspiring film. A feature length documentary derived from the interviews on the website, an on-line repository for queer community coming out stories, aimed at serving queer folks that are still in the closet. Read more…

Panel: Self-Identity + Home: Ourselves in Our Community @ Film House
Oct 11 @ 3:45 pm
Talks & Panels
Sponsor: Champlain College

Panel accompanies the screening of The Worst Thing About Coming Out and celebrates National Coming Out Day.
Panelists include: Rob Barracano, Dr. Eric Ronis, teacher, Dr Ame Lambert – of Champlain College, Dr. Kim Fountain of RU12, Representative Joanna Cole, John Chagnon, Health & Wellness Coordinator, RU12 and Tate Bates who appears in the film.

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” ~ William Shakespeare

The Crash Reel @ Film House
Oct 11 @ 6:00 pm
Director: Lucy Walker
USA | 2013 | Documentary
Run Time: 108 minutes
Film source: Phase4Films
Sponsor: Anonymous donor
Special Event: Opening Night Film. Special ticket prices for this film – 6-pack and 10-pack discounts don’t apply. All proceeds go to Special Olympics Vermont. Kevin & David Pearce in attendance. Preceded by opening night reception at 5pm in the Lakeside Lobby outside The Film House, Food provided courtesy of Sugarsnap, cash bar. Screening followed by Opening Night party at 8:30 pm, at Signal Kitchen. Announcement and presentation of Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase Awards. Party sponsored by Signal Kitchen.

Crash Reel

It’s the training season for the 2010 winter Olympics. World-class snowboarder Kevin Pearce swings up the half pipe and launches into the air. He spins into a double cork 1080. It’s one of the toughest moves in his – or any – repertoire, and he comes back down, hard and fast, towards the ramp. The tail end of his board catches the ice. He falls forward with no time to put out his arms. His full weight lands on his head and neck. Academy Award-winning documentarian Lucy Walker’s film seamlessly combines twenty years of stunning action footage with vérité footage and interviews as it follows Kevin and exposes the irresistible but potentially fatal appeal of extreme sports. An escalating rivalry between Kevin and his nemesis Shaun White in the run-up to the 2010 Olympics leaves Shaun on top of the Olympic podium and Kevin in a coma following his accident. Kevin’s tight-knit Vermont family flies to his side and helps him rebuild his life as a brain injury survivor. But when he insists he wants to return to the sport he still loves, his family intervenes with his eloquent brother David speaking for all of them when he says, “I just don’t want you to die.” Kevin’s doctors caution him that even a small blow to the head could be enough to kill him. Will Kevin defy them and insist on pursuing his passion? With his now impaired skills, what other options does he have? How much risk is too much?


Audience Awards: SXSW, HotDocs

Lost, Found & Remixed: Surviving Plenty: Archival Filmmaking in the Age of Mass Production @ Film House
Oct 12 @ 11:00 am
Presentation by: Rick Prelinger
Run Time: 90 minutes
Sponsors: UVM Burack Distinguished Lecture Series

Rick Prelinger

GET TICKETSTicketing Note: This is a double bill ticket that includes the afternoon panel at 2pm.

The festival is enriched through the inclusion of workshops, lectures and panel discussions with experts in their respective fields. This year our focus is on all things archival, with a special emphasis on restoration, accessibility, usage and ethics.  We’re delighted and honored to have as our keynote speaker Rick Prelinger of Prelinger archives and  Called by some an American hero, space here could not do justice to the huge range of Rick’s achievements and we urge you to go to our website to read more.
Prelinger Presentation: Money, patience and courage are no longer necessities for filmmakers choosing to work with archives. While it can still be a struggle to access archival material, vast resources are now freely available for viewing (and often, reuse). But freedom brings new challenges. How can career mediamakers thrive in an age of mass authorship and distributed creativity? What emerging modes of archival work offer the greatest promise? And how can we best use archival material to make works that plumb moving image history so as to propel it forward? Rick Prelinger explores these and other issues in an image-rich talk that includes audience discussion.

About Rick Prelinger

Rick Prelinger, an archivist, writer and filmmaker, founded Prelinger Archives, whose collection of 60,000 advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur films was acquired by the Library of Congress in 2002 after 20 years’ operation. Rick has partnered with the Internet Archive to make over 5,000 films from Prelinger Archives available online for free viewing, downloading and reuse. His feature-length film PANORAMA EPHEMERA (2004), depicting the conflicted landscapes of 20th-century America, played in venues around the world, and his new film NO MORE ROAD TRIPS? (2013) is currently in pre-release. His “Field Guide to Sponsored Films” was published in 2006 by the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Prelinger is Board President of the Internet Archive, has been a board member of the San Francisco Cinematheque, and sat on the National Film Preservation Board for five years as representative of the Association of Moving Image Archivists. He is co-founder of the Prelinger Library, an appropriation-friendly private research library that is open to the public, located in downtown San Francisco, and was appointed Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media at UC Santa Cruz in 2013.

1.45: Panel Discussion

Part 2 of Lost, Found & Remixed is s panel discussion with screening of clips, geared toward filmmakers as well as the general public, will look at many aspects of repurposing footage for new uses. With Alice Apley, Executive Director of Documentary Educational Resources (co-sponsor of the symposium), filmmaker Caroline Martel, an internationally renowned award-winning documentary artist (Phantom Of The Operator, Wavemakers), Sandra Forman, entertainment lawyer, Rick Prelinger and Adrian Wood.

Also as part of the symposium we’re excited to launch the GVM – Second Time Around initiative

Green Valley Media Second Time Around Initiative (STAI) @ Film House
Oct 12 @ 2:00 pm

Green Valley Media and VTIFF have partnered to launch a new exciting initiative to identify Vermont-made films that need restoration and digitization.

STAI will be announced at the end of the Panel discussion of the Lost, Found & Remixed Symposium and will continue in the lobby outside The Film House.  STAI is a fund to provide seed money for finding, cataloguing and digitizing identifying Vermont filmmakers’ films. More details on how to submit your film to be announced on the day.  Local experts from Subatomic Digital and from Videosyncracy, as well as Panelists Rick Prelinger and Adrian Wood, will be at hand to offer advice.
Ticketing Note: The lobby session starting at 3:45 is free of charge, but the panel discussion is part of the special Symposium double bill. GET TICKET

Lost, Found & Remixed: Panel Discussion @ Film House
Oct 12 @ 2:00 pm

Talks & Panels Run Time: 105 minutes
GET TICKET Ticketing Note: This is a double bill ticket and includes the 11 am Presentation by Rick  Prelinger Sponsors: Documentary Educational Resources Panelists include: Alice Apley, Caroline MartelRick Prelinger, Adrian Wood and Sandra Forman. The festival is enriched through the inclusion of workshops, lectures and panel discussions with experts in their respective fields. This year our focus is on all things archival, with a special emphasis on restoration, accessibility, usage and ethics.  We’re delighted and honored to have as our keynote speaker Rick Prelinger of Prelinger archives and  Called by some an American hero, space here could not do justice to the huge range of Rick’s achievements and we urge you to go to our website to read more. We’re equally delighted to welcome Adrian Wood, archival consultant to the International Olympic Committee and film researcher extraordinaire. Adrian will be bringing a new restoration of White Rock, the 1976 winter Olympics film.  A panel discussion with screening of clips, geared toward filmmakers as well as the general public, will look at many aspects of repurposing footage for new uses. With Alice Apley, Executive Director of Documentary Educational Resources (co-sponsor of the symposium), filmmaker Caroline Martel, an internationally renowned award-winning documentary artist (Phantom Of The Operator, Wavemakers), Sandra Forman, entertainment lawyer (Eyes on the Prize), Rick Prelinger and Adrian Wood. As part of the symposium we’re excited to launch the GVM – Second Time Around initiative, announcing seed money for restoring and digitizing older Vermont-made films.

About Alice Apley

Executive Director of DER since 2012. Alice is an anthropologist and filmmaker who studied anthropological representations of the Kalahari Bushmen (including the Ju/’hoansi) as part of her graduate studies at NYU. Remembering John Marshall which premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as part of a tribute to John Marshall, is Alice’s first film. Subsequent video work includes a series of museum project profiles for the Institute for Museum and Library Services and a film about the medical researcher, David Hamilton Smith, who developed the first vaccine effective against spinal meningitis. Caroline Martel

About Caroline Martel

Caroline Martel is a documentary artist who was born in Montréal the year the cellular phone was created (1973). She has been synthesizing documentary theory and practice in a variety of projects since 1998, with a special interest in archival materials, cinema history, women and communication technologies. Her first feature documentary, The Phantom of the Operator, has shown worldwide. More info…     Rick Prelinger

About Rick Prelinger

Rick Prelinger, an archivist, writer and filmmaker, founded Prelinger Archives, whose collection of 60,000 advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur films was acquired by the Library of Congress in 2002 after 20 years’ operation. Rick has partnered with the Internet Archive to make over 5,000 films from Prelinger Archives available online for free viewing, downloading and reuse. His feature-length film PANORAMA EPHEMERA (2004), depicting the conflicted landscapes of 20th-century America, played in venues around the world, and his new film NO MORE ROAD TRIPS? (2013) is currently in pre-release. His “Field Guide to Sponsored Films” was published in 2006 by the National Film Preservation Foundation. More info…     Sandra Forman

About Sandra Forman

Boston-based attorney, Sandra Forman, has a diverse practice in the areas of entertainment and copyright law. Her clients include film and television producers and directors, screenwriters, animators, book authors, talent, software and book publishers, distributors, and multi-media and educational software producers. Over the past nine years, she has also served as project director and legal counsel on the re-release of Eyes on the Prize, the fourteen-hour, Emmy Award winning series on America’s Civil Rights Movement. Ms. Forman is on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Production Coalition, the Advisory Board of Filmmakers Collaborative where she served on the Board of Directors for over ten years, and the Advisory Committee of Women in Film and Video New England. Ms Forman will also be on hand for individual advice to filmmakers on legal issues.   Adrian Wood

About Adrian Wood

BAFTA award winning archive documentary producer, film researcher and author Adrian Wood is known internationally for the idea, knowledge and research which gave birth to the series of “in Color” archival film based television programs. Adrian has been archival consultant/producer for the International Olympic Committee for the past few years. Sunday, Oct 13 at 3pm Adrian will also be giving a talk about his work on Restoring Olympic films and at 7:45 pm there will be a screening of White Rock, the newly restored version of the 1976 Winter Olympics Games.

Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase 2 @ Film House
Oct 12 @ 4:15 pm

Screenings free, recommended donation of $5+
Sponsors: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and the Vermont Arts Council

Director: Benjamin Kramer
6 minutes

They’re not just for breakfast.

Director: Stephen Maas
Fiction |6 minutes 


It’s time for dinner, but choosing the right meal isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s Fresh! is a tongue in cheek look at the new food revolution and what it means to eat right.

Director: Michael Fisher
Fiction | 10 minutes 

The Owner still

A hired man who worked for a wealthy reclusive woman is kept spellbound by an irresistible memory.

Director: Tim Joy
USA | 2013 | Fiction | 6 minutes 

Changing Colors

A man writes a letter to his sweetheart recounting their courtship.

Director: Matt Lennon
Fiction | 17 minutes 

Fuck You, Lucy Pickens (The Orientation) - Still 01

Bob Nichols gets ready for the last stage in the job interview process. This isn’t a normal interview, though.


The Slow Food Story @ Film House
Oct 12 @ 6:15 pm
Director: Stefano Sardo
Italy | 2013 | Documentary | Italian w/English subtitles
Run Time: 74 minutes
Film source: Autlook Films
Sponsor: Healthy Living Market
Special Event: Preceded by Reception at 5:15 with food by Healthy Living Market and a food display by Burlington Farmers’ Market & Slow Food Vermont.
Playing with Zergut
Directors: Alisa Lapidus & Natasha Subramaniam | Animation | 4 minutes

Slow Food Story

In 1986, Carlo Petrini founded the ArciGola Gastronomic Association in Italy and three years later in Paris, launched Slow Food, an international anti-fast-food resistance movement. An ebullient presence, Carlìn, as he is affectionately known around the globe, has become an ambassador for thinking about food differently. From the tiny town of Bra, the Slow Food movement has grown to become a revolution, that now has roots in more than 150 countries. Cheese-makers, vintners, and artisanal food folk, toast Slow Food for bringing about a change in consciousness that shook the very foundation of gastronomy. Director Stefano Sardo brings a decidedly down home approach, as he follows Carlo and his close-knit group of friends, from their earliest days as political radicals, to later struggles with unexpected tragedy. A joyous romp of a film, filled with all manner of delectable scenes of food, drink and song. The Slow Food Story shows how even the most important cultural adventures can be born of a tongue-in-cheek approach to life.

Late breaking news: Carlo Petrini is to receive the United Nations 2013 Champions of the Earth award. Read More…

Zergut @ Film House
Oct 12 @ 6:15 pm

Directors: Alisa Lapidus & Natasha Subramaniam
Run Time: 4 minutes
Playing with: The Slow Food Story
Tickets there.


In the back of the refrigerator, long-forgotten rotting foods rise up to rebel against the newer, fresher ones in front.

Short Term 12 @ Film House
Oct 12 @ 8:15 pm

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton
USA | 2012 | Fiction | French w/English subtitles
Run Time: 96 minutes
Film source: Cinedigm
Sponsor: Lorna-Kay Peal & Michael Smolin

Short Term 12

Winner of both the Grand Jury Narrative Feature and the Narrative Audience Award at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, Short Term 12 is moving, honest, and emotionally revelatory. Focusing on the residents and caretakers at a residential foster care center for at-risk teenagers, Short Term 12 explores the difficult and extremely human realities of what it means to take care of another person. The story is told largely through the eyes of Grace (rising star Brie Larson, who won Best Actress at the Locarno Film Festival for her performance), the facility’s supervisor, as she tries to find ways to deal with her own life as well as those of the residents. Grace is put to the test with the arrival of Jayden, a troubled new arrival with whom she finds a special connection. Shot in an unobtrusive, handheld style, Short Term 12 is raw, sincere, and, at times, unexpectedly funny, with terrific performances at every level.


Grand Jury Award SXSW, Best Actress Locarno Film Festival

Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase 3 @ Film House
Oct 13 @ 12:00 pm

Screening free, recommended donation of $5+

Director: Allison Gillette
USA | Documentary | English
Run Time: 55 minutes
Sponsors: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and the Vermont Arts Council


Our environment is in jeopardy and Vermont farmers give a $#*!. With the help of a local utility company, Vermonters are funding a program that turns cow manure into renewable energy: saving farms and our environment!

Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase 4 @ Film House
Oct 13 @ 1:30 pm

Screening free, recommended donation of $5+

Director: Rob Koier
Documentary | 42 minutes
Sponsors: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and the Vermont Arts Council

Irene Storm

This is a documentary about the residents of a trailer park in Berlin, Vermont who came together after losing their homes to tropical storm Irene to create an organization working on issues of system poverty in the state.

Restoring Olympic Films @ Film House
Oct 13 @ 3:00 pm

Presentation by: Adrian Wood, archive consultant to the IOC.
Ticketing Note: This event is part of a triple bill with A Passion For Snow and White Rock and includes a reception.
Run Time: 60 minutes

In the mid-1990s the International Olympic realized that serious gaps existed in its audio-visual patrimony. To address this a project was initiated to recover, restore and preserve the Official Films of the Games. As part of this initiative Adrian Wood was engaged to assist in the process given his experience in the location and acquisition of archival materials. Now the project approaches completion, scheduled for December next year, his presentation will give an overview of what this collection is, what are the Official Films and the changing role they play in chronicling the modern Olympic Games. A major theme will be the technical problems that have been faced by him and his IOC colleagues in what will be an almost 20 year adventure in the midst of an on-going technical revolution.

Of interest to professionals and the general public, the presentation is also a natural follow up to the Saturday Symposium: Lost, Found & Remixed.

BAFTA award winning archive documentary producer, film researcher and author Adrian Wood’s personal mantra in the hunt for unknown footage: “It’s not that it doesn’t exist, it’s just that we haven’t yet found it…”. Read more…


A Passion for Snow @ Film House
Oct 13 @ 4:00 pm
Directors: Producer: Lisa Denmore;  Assoc Producer:  Rick Moulton; Exec. Producer: Steve Waterhouse
USA | 2013 | Documentary | English
Run Time: 60 minutes
Film source:
Sponsor: Seventh Generation
Ticketing Note: This film is part of a triple bill with White Rock and the presentation: Restoring Olympic Films and includes a reception sponsored by SunCommon.

A Passion for Snow

GET TICKETS Note: Special triple bill ticketing including White Rock & Restoring Olympic Films.
100-plus years of skiing history from Dartmouth, based on the book “Passion for Skiing” by Dartmouth graduate Stephen Waterhouse. Breathtaking newly-discovered footage and compelling 1st-hand accounts from alumni who helped transform the sport of skiing into the $25 billion industry it is today- are masterfully edited by VT filmmaker Rick Moulton. The film opens with footage of “The Grinch,” created by Dartmouth grad Theodor Geisel – aka Dr. Seuss – sledding downhill towards Whoville. Narrated by Buck Henry and followed by stories on how ski racing, the 10th Mtn Div, ski resorts, the Olympics/Paralympics and much more got started,


Q&A led by the filmmakers and Olympic Coach John Morton ,with former Olympians in the audience, including Tiger Shaw (President-to-be of the US Ski Association), members of the Cochran Family, and a number of Dartmouth’s all time racing stars. Followed by reception at 5:30 pm in the Main Street Landing Boardroom to launch the Sport & Film series, food and cash bar. Sponsored by SunCommon.

White Rock @ Film House
Oct 13 @ 6:45 pm
Director: Tony Maylem
UK | 1977 | Documentary
Run Time: 80 minutes
Film source: IOC
Sponsor: Smugglers Notch Resort
Special Note: North American Premiere. Introduced by Adrian Wood.
Ticketing Note:TICKETS CANNOT BE PURCHASED ONLINE BUT ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THE DOOR. This film is part of a triple bill with A Passion for Snow and the presentation: Restoring Olympic Films and includes a reception.

White Rock

Photograph © IOC. The Official Film of the Innsbruck 1976 Winter Olympics in a brand new restored version. Director’s Statement: “It is never easy to make a film on the Olympic Games that will theatrically engage audiences. By the time of its release most people have already seen the event on TV, so it has to deliver on a very different level than simple reportage. I concentrated on just a handful of chosen events rather than dissipate the focus across every sport and medal. The concept was to take the audience inside those winter sports—to feel the emotion and experience the dangers and majesty that the competitors felt. Rick Wakeman’s score added considerably to the visual and emotional experience. To bring the audience even closer to the action, James Coburn was brought in to act as “everyman,” helping the audience to identify, not only with the obvious dangers, but also with the competitors high levels of skill.” Shot in Panavision utilizing using vari-speed cameras with telephoto lenses up to 2000mm, White Rock was created to take the audience on a ride that was very different from the TV coverage. It resulted in an extensive worldwide theatrical release including the US, the UK and Japan.
The restoration: The film was digitally restored in 4K for the International Olympic Committee by Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging using the 35mm original anamorphic negative. The 4-track magnetic stereo sound was restored and re-mastered at Audio Mechanics in Burbank, CA.

Act of Killing @ Film House
Oct 14 @ 7:30 pm

Director: Joshua Oppenheimer
Denmark/Norway/UK | 2013 | Documentary | Indonesian w/English subtitles
Run Time: 120 minutes
Film source: Drafthouse Films
Sponsors: Planet Hardwood & Burlington College

Act of Killing

You have never seen a film like this one. Director Joshua Oppenheimer interviews the leaders of Indonesian death squads, who were collectively responsible for the deaths of millions of Communists, leftists and ethnic Chinese in 1965 and 1966. But he doesn’t just interview them. As the ambiguous title of the film suggests, he lets them re-enact their crimes and even invites them to write, perform and film skits dramatizing their murders in the style of the American movies they love. This film is about the power of moviemaking and storytelling, sometimes cathartic, sometimes destructive, always illuminating. And, incredibly, you will also find yourself laughing occasionally.

Q&A with director via skype.
Director’s statement:
 The film is fundamentally about how we as human beings use storytelling to create our reality, to justify our actions, and to cope, or to escape from even our most bitter and painful truths. We can commit any kind of crime if we have a story to justify it.


Audience Award – Berlin Film Festival

8 1/2 @ Film House
Oct 15 @ 7:00 pm

Director: Federico Felini
Italy | 1963 | Fiction | Italian w/English subtitles
Run Time: 138 minutes
Sponsor: Movies at Main Street Landing

8 1/2 by Federico Felini

“8 1/2 is one of the undisputed classics of modern international film. Fresh off of the international success of La Dolce Vita, master director Federico Fellini moved into the realm of self-reflexive autobiography with what is widely believed to be his finest and most personal work. Marcello Mastroianni delivers a brilliant performance as Fellini’s alter ego Guido Anselmi, a film director overwhelmed by the large-scale production he has undertaken. He finds himself harangued by producers, his wife, and his mistress while he struggles to find the inspiration to finish his film.”
~ Mariah Riggs, Main Street Landing

Introduced by Mariah Riggs.

Hannah Arendt @ Film House
Oct 16 @ 6:00 pm

Director: Margarethe von Trotte
Germany | 2013 | Fiction | English and German w/English subtitles
Run Time: 113 minutes
Film source: Zeitgeist Films
Sponsor: Institute for Civic Engagement
Q&A with: Sandy Baird 

Hannah Arendt

A complex and compelling biopic of one of the most original thinkers of the 20th Century, Hannah Arendt delves deeply into the philosophical and personal life of its title character. The film marks the sixth cinematic collaboration between director Margarethe von Trotta, one of the leading figures of the New German Cinema, and star Barbara Sukowa, one of that movements most important performers. Sukowa’s nuanced performance reveals the deeply personal emotions that underpin – sometimes complicatedly – Arendt’s groundbreaking philosophy. Hannah Arendt shuttles back and forth between Arendt’s middle age, when she developed and refined her theory of evil, and her youth, when she studied with Martin Heidegger, whose subsequent affiliation with the Nazi Party caused her to call her own work into question. In its early scenes of Arendt covering the trial of Adolf Eichmann for The New Yorker, Von Trotta boldly blends actuality footage of the courtroom proceedings with her film’s “regular” fiction scenes, thereby encouraging the viewer to consider, as Arendt herself did, the links between past and present.

Director’s statement: This is a film that shows Arendt as a person caught between her thoughts and her emotions—one who often has to disentangle her intellect from her feelings. We see her as a passionate thinker and professor; as a woman capable of lifelong friendship—she was hailed as a woman who was a “genius at friendship”—but also as a fighter who courageously defended her ideas and never shied away from any confrontation. But her goal was always to understand. Her signature declaration, “I want to understand,” is the phrase that best describes her.

Rising From The Ashes @ Film House
Oct 16 @ 8:30 pm
Director: T. C. Johnstone
USA, Rwanda | 2012 | Documentary
Run Time: 82 minutes
Film source: First Run Features
Sponsor: Old Spokes Home

Rising From The Ashes

Two worlds collide when cycling legend Jock Boyer moves to Rwanda, Africa to help a group of struggling genocide survivors pursue their dream of a national team. The young cyclists, whose horrendous personal experiences in the 1994 genocide are still fresh in their minds, are determined to train and learn how to be professional athletes. The film’s journey to the finale at the London 2012 Olympic games is rivetting. We become gradually privy to the boys’ personal traumas and root for them to achieve their new life’s dreams. Narrated (and executive produced) by Forest Whitaker

Red Obsession @ The Film House
Oct 17 @ 5:45 pm
Director: David Roach, Warwick Ross
Australia| 2012 | Documentary
Run Time: 75 minutes
Film source: Film Buff
Sponsor: Pistou Restaurant
Special Event: Preceded by wine & food tasting presented by Dedalus Wines, Pistou and Slow Food Vermont at 5:00PM

Red Obsession

One of the most beautiful films about wine in general, and Bordeaux and its magical product in particular. But the series of aerial shots in golden light that establish the Medoc’s important proximity to the water, the rich combination of soil and sunlight, and the extraordinary architecture of the chateaux built here in the past 300 years are not gratuitous eye candy. They enhance the dramatic arc and the rude awakening about 20 minutes in. The action shifts to Shanghai and Hong Kong, from the people who make and sell the wine to those who buy it. It becomes a rip-roaring documentary tale of power, greed, vanity and but increasingly the bricks and mortar of its famous chateaux. China is Bordeaux’s biggest market but also home to the fastest growing wine industry in the world, leading to the tantalizing notion that Bordeaux’s biggest client is about to become its biggest competitor.


Preceded by reception at 5:00 pm of wine tastings from Dedalus Wine and food tastings from Pistou and Slow Food Vermont.

The Attack @ Film House
Oct 17 @ 7:30 pm
Director: Ziad Doueiri (read interview)
Lebanon | 2013 | Fiction | Hebrew, Arabic w/English subtitles
Film Source: Cohen Media Group
Sponsor: Barbara McGrew
Also: Film with discussion

The Attack

This challenging film – a Lebanese-French-Qatari-Belgian coproduction – focuses on the seemingly small, interpersonal questions and connections which, in reality, underpin even the most dramatic political struggles. Set in present-day Israel, The Attack’s title refers not only to the Israel-Palestinian conflict but to a more metaphorical assault on the closest personal relationship of a doctor who, in the aftermath of a terrorist bombing, finds himself at the epicenter of the battle. The Attack, which has won festival awards and attracted great critical praise, asks two simple yet potentially harrowing questions of every one of its viewers: How well do you really know the people you love? And, furthermore, what are the consequences of truly knowing everything about them? The film walks the tightrope that just barely separates not only Arab and Jewish cultures, but love and hate, as well. It is the personalized approach that gives this film its universal focus.

Interview with Director Ziad Doueiri (PDF)

Pyaasa (The Thirsty One) @ Film House
Oct 18 @ 6:00 pm
Directors: Guru Dutt, Abrar Alvi
India | 1957 | Fiction | Hindi w/English subtitles
Run Time: 146 minutes
Film source: Gala Global
Sponsor: VT Council on World Affairs
Introduction by: Ken Wade

Pyaasa (The Thirty One)

VTIFF is delighted to present Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa as a tribute to mark the 100th anniversary of Indian cinema. Pyaasa, a film found in both Time magazine’s and Sight & Sound’s 100 best movie lists – uses two familiar tropes – that of the starving-struggling artist and that of the prostitute with a heart of gold. Yet, both these narrative devices are reworked so thoroughly that the film ultimately becomes a statement about the poverty of thought and the hypocrisy of a crassly materialist society. Several film scholars consider Guru Dutt as India’s Orson Welles, producing, directing and starring in his own films. His use of chiaruscaro and acute close-up in Pyaasa were very innovative and avant garde for his time. Almost all scenes are shot either in tight, enclosed spaces, or through doorways and windows and framed by gates, arches, pillars and columns. This gives a sense of claustrophobia and constriction and symbolizes the constraints faced by the protagonist. Like most Bollywoood films, Pyaasa is full of memorable songs. But unlike most mainstream directors, Dutt integrates the songs into his narrative. To maintain realism, some songs are part of fantasy (or phantasmatic) sequences or expressions of characters’ emotions; other songs are filmed as poetry readings. Pyaasa was a huge box-office hit when it was released achieving a rare balance between personal artistic aspirations and commercial concerns.

Escape From Tomorrow @ Film House
Oct 18 @ 9:30 pm

Director: Randy Moore
USA | 2013 | Fiction
Run Time: 89 minutes
Film source: PDA  Special Note: New England premiere
Sponsor: Main Street Landing & Burlington Film Society

Escape From Tomorrow

Randy Moore’s directorial debut ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW is a bold and ingenious trip into the “happiest place on earth”, and one of the most provocative films to premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Drew McWeeny from Hitfix called it a “surrealist treat” adding “it is not possible this film exists.” An epic battle begins when a middle-aged American husband and father of two learns that he has lost his job. Keeping the news from his nagging wife and wound-up children, he packs up the family and embarks on a full day of park hopping amid enchanted castles and fairytale princesses. Soon, the manufactured mirth of the fantasy land around him begins to haunt his subconscious. An idyllic family vacation quickly unravels into a surrealist and darkly comic nightmare of paranoid visions, bizarre encounters, and an obsessive pursuit of a pair of sexy teenage Parisians. Chillingly shot in black and white, ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW dissects the mythology of artificial perfection while subversively attacking our culture’s obsession with mass entertainment

Night of the Living Dead @ Film House
Oct 18 @ 11:30 pm
Director: George Romero
USA | 1968 | Fiction
Presented by : Presented by Introduced by Rob Schmidt Barracano - filmmaker and film teacher.
Ticketing Note: a ticket to this film gets you free entry to the screening (8:00pm, BB): Birth of the Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead

The quintessential zombie movie, George A. Romero’s first film gave rise to myriad imitators, sequels, and remakes, and reanimated the horror genre. The 28-year-old Romero employed unpolished sound, harsh lighting, hand-held cameras, and non-professional actors, which gave the film a documentary feel, making the terror more realistic. With no budget for complicated dolly-track shots, Romero conveyed movement through editing—via the rapid succession of static shots. One of the key innovations of the film, and a key factor in the film’s realism, is the relocation of the monsters from some far-off land right into middle-American backyards. The monsters are now everyday people and the film’s protagonists can’t escape back into the “normal” world. Released at a time when disillusionment was running rampant in the country—spurred by the Vietnam War and the recent assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK—Americans identified with the film’s most shocking suggestion: death is random. No one dies for the greater good. Instead, people die to feed faceless, ordinary America. A metaphor for societal anxiety, the sight of America literally devouring itself and the representation of the desecration of the wholesome American family were “reflections of social hysteria” (J. Hoberman) and served as a release for the country’s repressed trauma.

Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase 5 @ Film House
Oct 19 @ 12:00 pm

Screening free, recommended donation of $5+

Directors: Emily Anderson and Jim Heltz
Fiction | Documentary | Experimental | 35 minutes
Sponsors: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and by The Vermont Arts Council.

I am in Here

“Do you want to know what it’s like to be thought of as stupid?” This was Mark Utter’s experience for most of his life. Mark’s autism prevents him from speaking his thoughts. A day-in-the-life movie using humor to highlight the contrast between perceptions of Mark and the man inside.

Michael H. Profession: Director @ Film House
Oct 19 @ 2:30 pm

Director: Yves Montmayeur
Austri, France | 2012 | Documentary
Run Time: 92 minutes
Film source: Films Boutique/box]

Michael H Profession Filmmaker

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, director Michael Haneke has established himself as a towering figure in modern cinema with his uniquely controversial and challenging films that have polarized audiences and critics alike for decades. Such works as Funny Games (1997 and 2007: he remade his own film), The Piano Teacher (2001), the mysterious Caché (2005), and last year’s Oscar-winning Amour explore both the dark and the loving sides of human existence – often at the same time, and almost always in unforgettable ways. Now, Yves Montmayeur, who has made the “making-of” documentaries for most of Haneke’s films, turns his lens on Haneke himself, unravelling a working method that reveals a great deal about the man. As much a meditation on the nature of film as any of Haneke’s works themselves, Michael H: Profession Filmmaker uses interviews with Haneke’s creative collaborators as well as re-contextualized footage from his films. The documentary finds a compelling tension between the warmth of the man and the horrors in his films, and is a fascinating portrait of one of the most important filmmakers of our day.

Meat Hooked! @ Film House
Oct 19 @ 5:00 pm
Director: Suzanne Wasserman
USA | 2012 | Documentary
Run Time: 55 minutes
Film source: Filmmaker
Sponsor: Kate & Bill Schubart
Special Event: Q&A w/filmmaker and talk by Cole Ward, the Gourmet Butcher. Preceded by food reception at 4pm sponsored and provided by Guild Fine Meats, cash bar.

Alexandre RufinCanada | 2013 | Documentary | 6 minutes

Meat Hooked

“Why is a nice Jewish girl like me making a film about pigs and bacon?” Suzanne Wasserman, the writer and director of Meat Hooked, asks in the beginning of her film. In her absorbing and graphic documentary Wasserman introduces us to butchers and meatpackers, chefs and farmers who are part of the current meat craze of artisan butchers and meat CSA’s and includes interviews with Jonathan Sayles and Julie Powell (Julie & Julia). The film follows the rise and fall and rise again of butchers and butchering featuring several butchers, 3 of whom are Jewish but not kosher butchers. With humor and some fascinating insights Meat Hooked concludes that urban butchers, butcher shops and butchering fills an acute yearning for a sense of space and allows the consumer to have more of a sense of control over what we eat.


Best Feature: NY Food Film Festival

Ô Divin Bovin (Oh Divine Bovine) @ Film House
Oct 19 @ 5:00 pm

Director: Alexandre Rufin
Canada/Quebec | 2013 | Documentary
Run Time: 6 minutes
Short: Playing with Meat Hooked! .


Just an ordinary day in the life of a farmer: birth/death of a calf.

Brothers Hypnotic @ Film House
Oct 19 @ 7:00 pm

Director: Reuben Atlas
USA, Netherlands | 2013 | Documentary | English
Run Time: 85 minutes
Film source: Reuben Atlas
Sponsor: Duncan Wisniewski Architecture 

Brothers Hypnotic

Note: Tickets include the live performance at 10PM at Signal Kitchen. One ticket gets you in to both.
The eight brothers in the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are all sons of anti-establishment jazz legend, Phil Cohran. Raised together on Chicago’s South Side on a diet of jazz, funk and Black Consciousness, the brothers play inthe streets of NYC, collaborate with Mos Def or wow people at jazz festivals. The film constructs their coming of age story with wonderful camera work and hugely enjoyable music scenes.


Screening followed by Gala party at Signal Kitchen (8:45PM) and live performance by the Hypnotic Ensemble. More info… sponsored by Signal Kitchen, John Douglas & Bob Summers. Ticket to film includes free access to the party an  live concert.

Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase 6 @ Film House
Oct 20 @ 12:00 pm

Screening free, recommended donation of $5+

Director: Derek McIntire
Documentary | 25 minutes
Sponsors: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and by The Vermont Arts Council  


Focusing on a community center established to address public health issues, Mfangano is a documentary that explores life on a small island off the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria.

Vermont Filmmkakers’ Showcase 7 @ Film House
Oct 20 @ 1:00 pm

Screening free, recommended donation of $5+

Director: Jeffrey Ruoff
Documentary | 38 minutes
Sponsors: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and the Vermont Arts Council

Still Moving

In the 1970′s, the Dartmouth-born collective Pilobolus innovated a collaborative, improvisational style and organization that transformed modern dance. On the eve of its fortieth anniversary, Pilobolus thrives as an arts organism.

Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase 8 @ Film House
Oct 20 @ 2:15 pm

Screenings free, recommended donation of $5+
Sponsors: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and the Vermont Arts Council

Director: Andrea Grayson
Documentary | 6 minutes

edsel under car still 2

Within six months of noticing a dark spot in one of his eyes, master mechanic Edsel Hammond was declared legally blind. But with the support of family and friends, he has a thriving car repair business at his garage in Charlotte, Vermont.

Directors: Ashley DeLucco & Elizabeth Rossano
Documentary | 7 minutes

Toby MacNutt Body of Work

A short subject documentary featuring the Vermont based fiber artist and dancer Toby MacNutt.


Director: Andrew Ackerman
Run Time: 25 minutes


Mixed Martial Arts is commonly thought to be one of the violent and brutal sports on the planet. I spent three months exploring the culture surrounding this sport and training for an amateur fight. This is a self documentary of that exploration.

Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase 9 @ Film House
Oct 20 @ 4:00 pm

Screening free, recommended donation of $5+

Director: Sam Mayfield
2013 | Documentary | 56 minutes
Director’s Cut
Sponsors: The Vermont Filmmakers’ Showcase is sponsored by Ben & Jerry’s and the Vermont Arts Council


Wisconsin Rising tells the story of the largest sustained workers resistance in American history. In 2011, Wisconsin was the canary in the coal mine for America as newly-elected Republican Governor Scott Walker suddenly stripped collective bargaining rights from the state’s public employees, undoing eight decades of basic workers’ rights. The people rose up. The future of America hung in the balance.

The Punk Singer @ Main Street Landing Film House
Feb 20 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The Punk Singer
Directed by Sini Anderson | 80 Min | U.S.A. | 2013


Introduction and post-screening discussion led by Stella Marrs, interdisciplinary artist and Champlain College professor.
About the film: Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of the punk band Bikini Kill and dance-punk trio Le Tigre, rose to national attention as the reluctant but never shy voice of the riot grrrl movement…read more

Watch trailer:

Strength of the Storm @ Main Street Landing Film House
Feb 21 @ 6:00 pm

“Strength of the Storm” directed by Rob Koier tells the moving story of the residents of Weston park, a mobile home park in rural Vermont, that are brought together to fight against issues of economic discrimination after losing their homes to Hurricane Irene. The film weaves together footage of the flood with interviews with members of Weston park. We follow their recovery process from one week after the flood to six months later.

Watch the trailer