VAMP (Vermont Archive Movie Project)


To discover, protect and make accessible Vermont’s motion picture legacy

Statement of Purpose

* Create, maintain and make publicly accessible a comprehensive and up-to-date Database of films by Vermont filmmakers, shot in Vermont or about Vermont. The database includes both film credits, content info and technical info.

* Locate the physical materials, restore them where necessary, digitize them (or assist the rights holders with money towards the restoration), and safeguard the masters in appropriate, best practice locations (vaults and multiple hard drives).

* Create viewing copies (digital access files) – to be viewable online in a searchable database and in select educational institutions (subject to copyright agreements and to storage limitations).

To access the VAMP DATABASE click HERE

“The Vermont Movie Archive (VAMP) is a visionary program sponsored by the Vermont International Film Foundation, a non-profit organization which has worked since 1985 to discover, promote, and preserve Vermont’s film record and archive”.        Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders & Congressman Welch, January 2016
(For the full Congressional letter of support for our 2016 grant application to the NEA, click HERE)


RuthStoneVAMP footage demo from Nora Jacobson on Vimeo.


Launched in 2014 by a group of filmmakers, archivists and concerned members of the public, the seeds of the idea came from Green Valley Media who wished to ensure the survival of artists’ films in Vermont. VAMP officially became a program of VTIFF in May 2015. The VAMP committee has broadened the initial concept to include all types of films and videos made by VT filmmakers or shot in Vermont. Priority is ranked as follows: 1. Is the motion picture deemed at risk; 2. Is it significant to the history and culture of Vermont; 3. Is the filmmaker  important to the history of filmmaking in the state.  Types of film: currently VAMP is focusing on Narrative and documentary completed films. As funds allow it will expand to animation and experimental, home movies and finally industrial and corporate.  We are currently writing grant applications and forming partnerships with mutual-interest organizations in the state. VTIFF’s primary partner for VAMP is the Vermont Folklife Center, with UVM Special Collections and the Vermont Historical Society coming in as secondary partners. VTIFF is also in talks with VT PBS about options for a partnership with VAMP.



Still from Chester Grimes

The first film selected for digitization was Chester Grimes. A $2,000 grant from Green Valley media was awarded Herb Di Gioia and the resulting 2K digital version was first presented at the 2015 Vermont International Film Festival, in the presence of Di Gioia. In the same year the film Transformations, a short women’s collective film was digitized and also shown at the Festival. It is the first film to be streamed on the VAMP VimeoPro Channel.

VAMP also allocated funds, with support from Green Valley Media, to the Vermont Movie Collaborative to organize and catalog its vast treasure trove of Vermont-shot films and footage, with the purpose of making this information free and available for public research.


Dorothy from Battery Park

Still from A Vermont Romance -Dorothy in Battery Park, Burlington

The third film restored and presented to the public is the 1916 feature A Vermont Romance, the first feature film to be made and shot in the state. For the film’s centennial in 2016 VAMP – together with the Vermont Historical Society – has digitally remastered the film (only 16mm prints survive from the original 35mm), commissioned a special new music score and a statewide tour was launched in the spring of 2016 we embarked on a statewide tour of the film, with live piano accompaniment by Bob Merrill, partly funded by private donors.

You can purchase your own  Bluray of the digitized version with Bob Merrill’s new score

The restoration of the ­film is a partnership between VAMP & the Vermont Historical Society

Tour sponsors:
National Life GroupVPRVermont Humanities CouncilUrban Rhino; John M. Bissell Foundation


VAMP is preparing an application to the NEA for funding of the creation of the online database with streamable films. For this purpose VAMP has received letters of support from the Congressional Delegation from Vermont – Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernard Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch as well as from Martha Reid, the Vermont State Librarian. The aim is to have the website ready by mid 2017.

Watch a video compilation of clips from Vermont films digitized by VAMP

Watch a video compilation of clips from Vermont filmmakers

VAMP Coordinator

Nora Jacobson

VAMP Steering Committee

Anna Blackmer, Board of Directors, VTIFF
Cynthia Close, contributing editor – Documentary Magazine
Nicholas Connizzo – Digital Archivist at the Vermont State Archives
Rebekah Irwin, Director of Special Collections & Archives – ‎Middlebury College
Nora Jacobson, filmmaker
Andy Kolovos, Co-Director and Archivist – Vermont Folklife Center
Mike Kusmit, independent filmmaker
Fred Pond, librarian, film archivist
Dorothy Tod, filmmaker and board member of Green Valley Media
Nat Winthrop, independent (film) producer
Orly Yadin, Executive Director, VTIFF


Nora Jacobson:
Orly Yadin –
Nat Winthrop –

* We encourage you to contact us with information you might have of any film that may be forgotten, hidden away, or just overlooked by us.